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Help & Info


Do you need help, you have activation issues or mod installation problems??? Open a Ticket!!!

Click on Support icon on the main page!!!

We will be glad to help you!!!! Fast and professional support!!!




  • Once you added-connected your apollomods identifier to your account, you don't have to do it anymore, just go in MY SERIALS section and click on ACTIVATE (after a successful purchase in SHOP)

  • The registration is needed only for those, who wanna purchase a monthly subscription​!!! 

  • The download is for FREE and every new player has 10 DAYS TRIAL for FREE!!!

  • If you need help, scroll up this page and read the HELP.

​Where i can find the ApolloPack mods settings?? 

  • Well, you can find it directly in hangar. Just click on the top left corner Game Menu/Settings (see image)

  • How can i uninstall apollopack? → Well, it's easy 

              ►manually: delete the mod__.pyc in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res\scripts\client\gui\mods


              ►download the WmCleaner: download

  • Which mods can i use with ApolloPack?

              ►It's not advisable to install other modpacks, absolutely. Install always manually the mods what you miss in the modpack

              ►For XVM users: You can use xvm but i always suggest to use no xvm mods, like these:

                   -battle stats: download

                   -hangar tools: download

         For more no xvm mods open a ticket!!!!

About Pyament Methods:

  • via PayPal
  • Credit or Debit Card (see image)