Apollo Pack - the best pro advantage modification for world of tanks 1.6.1

Why Apollo mod-pack?

Automatic Updates, Powerful Customization, Secure and AutoUpdated and Professional Fast Support!!!!

Automatic updates

Don`t need to check or download updates. All updates will be installed in a fully automatic mode all the time a new game patch is out.

powerful customization

You can personalize the look and functionality of the modpack as you want. More than a hundreds of parameters can be changed directly in the hangar.

Secure and automated

No need to send your game ID/nickname, email or other personal data. Also don’t need to wait for activation – You can activate by yourself and you can add 2 accounts!!! So easy :)

Have a question?

If you have any issue, you need help then just open a ticket and we will be glad to help you as quickly as possible!

The ApolloPack has the next mods:

CHAMELEON - displaying collision models in battle
DESTRUCTION - destruction on the minimap
LASERS - lasers from the trunks of technology
EWA1 & EWA2 - 2 amazing aimbots
MTURRETS - direction guns on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - model vehicles is rendering
SHADOW - show models of disappeared enemy vehicle
indicator targeting opponents
TWEAKS - many different add-ons

TUNDRA - removal of vegetation
RELOADING - display reloading equipment
HEALTHCARE - repair, automatic fire extinguisher
BLINDSHOTS - hit undetected technique
BREAKABLE - removal sweep objects
WATCHFUL - indication opponents
REDBALL - red balls for the arts
XRAYS - stroke equipment (x-ray)
SHARPSHOOTER - marker of pre-emption

How to activate the mods

ApolloPack (how to register and activate after purchase)

* identifier - you can find it in hangar after you've installed the modpack...Just click on the megaphone and copy paste your identifier key (step.2) ----- If you have any issue with the activation or the mods then click on How to Activate the Mods in main menu or just open a ticket and we will be glad to help you!

Download and install

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